The easiest and most successful way to repair bent pins is to use a thin medical needle. The process is simple, you need to carefully put the needle on the bent "leg" of your processor and quietly return it to its rightful vertical position. Should pay attention to the needle, it should not be in any case, no slant cuts, bevels, etc. the End of the needle must be equal, and the diameter of holes minimum, or "leg" can be bend even more or even break.
If the damage is not very large, it is possible to use one or more small our screwdriver now. But this method requires special attention, because the probability to break a "leg" of the processor increases. If the leg is bent towards the bottom, it will be enough just to correct a small screw driver and problem solved. But if it is bent somewhere in the middle, it is necessary to resort to outside help, to hold the processor, and you calmly and gently to be able to clear the mustache, wielding two otvertochnye (the one holding the bend, and by bending the other leg up to vertical position).
Another tricky way – alignment with medical tweezers. This way you can recover is, perhaps, not strongly bent "leg". You need the flat part to catch the "leg" of the CPU from the side and quietly, gripping a pair of tweezers to bend the tendril.