The doctor revealed that if a woman has pain in the joints, in order to get rid of this pain, will be enough to take baths with infusion of honeysuckle. Also honeysuckle is a tool that contributes to the appearance of appetite.

Today, among all kinds of honeysuckle berries to eat only a few types. The fruit of honeysuckle ripens two weeks. Berry honeysuckle has a dark purple color with a waxy bloom. The berries can be of different shapes – either round or elongated.

And the interesting thing is that in the berries of honeysuckle will contain sugar, depending on the weather and climate. If the weather is hot, the berries will be sweet and juicy, but if the plant grows in wet conditions, berries will have a sour taste, and will not be so juicy as those growing in the sun.

Honeysuckle is rich in different nutrients. For example, it contains active compounds, which play important roles in cardiac system. Honeysuckle is also a good diuretic. Therefore, it can be taken for those who have kidney disease. It has been proven that the infusion of honeysuckle well removes stones from the kidneys.

Also it was proved that honeysuckle contains large amounts of ascorbic acid and vitamin B. But, in addition, the honeysuckle is rich in silicon, iodine, barium, and many other nutrients.

If you use this plant in cooking, it is necessary that the berries have a sweet taste, then your dish is exquisite. In addition, there are varieties of honeysuckle that have the smell and taste of pineapple or strawberries. From these berries, you can make delicious compotes, as well as eat them fresh.