The correct choice of seedlings

It should be borne in mind that not all kinds of honeysuckle refer to edible ornamental there are varieties that are planted in suburban areas as a living green fence. Therefore, selecting plants, be sure to check with the seller what grade he was put up for sale as soon the plants will begin to bear fruit, what is the yield of the proposed grades, etc.

Buy seedlings of 2-3 years of age, then the first harvest you get after 2 years. Be sure to check sprigs of seedlings in the presence of a healthy kidney, flexibility (they must not break) and the General consistency of the crust (they must not have damage). However, a slight peeling of bark is permissible, it is one of the features of the plant not by chance that in some regions the people called her "shameless."

When purchasing seedlings look for the roots: they should be sufficiently developed and robust, healthy even visually. If there are blackened or rotted roots, better put a sapling to the side.

Correct planting honeysuckle

Before planting, prepare for honeysuckle not the shaded area, protected from winds, with well-warmed fertile soil. In fact, the lower branches of adult plants love the shade, but it is created naturally with the growth of the Bush. If the soil in your area is doing poorly, form it for honeysuckle especially. To each well, which will plant a young Bush, pour 2 buckets of compost, 1 kg wood ash, 40-50 g of superphosphate and a little, just 1-2 tbsp. l., potassium fertilizers.

Mix all the ingredients with simultaneous injection into the hole of the water and right in this fertile mixture of planted Bush. Sprinkle on top of the ground, slightly tamp the soil over mulch and large sawdust, pine needles or straw. 3-4 days do not water, undertaking watering – as needed (honeysuckle likes moisture, but does not tolerate waterlogged soil).

Care for honeysuckle

Honeysuckle picky, it is a little subject to disease, do not like pests. Home care it is autumn pruning dry branches and branches growing toward the trunk (to avoid thickening of the Bush). The spring should be under a Bush organic fertilizer, you can do it with a simultaneous loosening of the soil. At the beginning of the growing season, hardly the snow melts, it's good to feed the honeysuckle nitrogen fertilizer. Loosen the ground under a Bush should be very careful, because the root system close to the surface.

At the time of flowering and early fruiting can water the shrub with a solution of ash. To prepare it simply mix in a bucket of water 1 l of wood ash (as included in the jar). Although pests and don't bother honeysuckle, or bother is extremely rare, prevention is still possible at the end of the fruiting process the Bush drug "Lexar" or "INTA-VIR".