What is a birthmark on the body?

If to speak medical language, a birthmark is just a tumor on the skin of the person, which may be congenital or appear during its life. Naturally, any signs of fate and marks of the devil here is not out of the question. But if we consider this question from the astrological point of view, birthmarks are signs from above.

It should be noted that the interpretation of human destiny, but also carry some information about the nature of man can only bright or relatively large birthmark. The fact is that small and barely visible spots do not have any meaning in the fate of its owner. In addition, astrologers advise you to pay special attention to moles that appeared in the first seven years of life – they can reflect and predict the most important events in a person's life.

What does a mole on the left cheek?

In principle, the values of moles, which are located both on the left and on the right cheek, very favorable. Astrologers are inclined to believe that the mole on his left cheek – a sign of a favorable marriage. Moreover, the birthmark, located on his left cheek, its owner promises bright prospects in the professional field and the absence of a poor life!

It is believed that moles in the cheeks and cheeks I can tell you about relationships with people, and about the ability of the owner to smoothen any emerging conflict situations. People with mole on left cheek is capable of diplomatic relationships with others, they are calm, discreet and I can accommodate almost any type of personality. If the mole is on her left cheekbone, her owner has expressed great oratorical ability, and his character filled with determination and courage.

The value in appearance of a mole

Interestingly, the value of all the moles located on the human body, may depend not only on their local localization, but also on appearance. For example, if the mole on his left cheek like a small square, the man most of his life grappling with external circumstances and with yourself.

If the mole is located on his left cheek, like a triangle, oval or circle, it is possible to speak about positive dynamics, passing the invisible thread through the life of its possessor. White stripes in the lives of such people much more than blacks. At work and in personal life many of them are successful and luck.

In conclusion, it should be noted that dependence of human destiny from the location of the birthmarks on his body do not have any direct connection. Description of birthmarks from the point of view of their local localization and appearance deals morphscape, part astrology, and is nothing more than a horoscope. That is why to worry about this or that "unfortunate" location of the moles on your body would be at least strange and uncalled for!