Moles on the human body controversial. Someone they adorn, as a kind of highlight. Someone to spoil, especially when appear on the face and have a considerable size.

If you want to get rid of birthmarks on your body, you must first get checked out by a doctor. This is due to the fact that the appearance of the nevus can be a reaction to the processes occurring in the body. It is possible that it is only a cosmetic effect and nothing to worry about when removal will not happen but it will be able to tell you physician after examination of the body.

Causes of birthmarks

  • The birthmarks often appear under the influence of hormones. During hormonal surges in the body melanin is produced in large quantity. It affects the pigmentation appear on the body and spots.
  • The cause of the surge of hormones can become awkward age in children. Because of hormones" during this period, birthmarks can appear and disappear. Also a normal phenomenon can be considered when a mole of a teenager will change shape and size.
  • For the same reason, when the appearance of moles is to blame hormones, birthmarks occur during pregnancy.
  • The appearance of the mole man often hereditary. We receive DNA from our parents, grandparents, and inherent in the information they can affect us. Often brothers and sisters birthmark appear in the same places.
  • A nevus can appear on the skin after sunbathing. Solar radiation has a favorable effect on the production of melanin, which appear birthmark. For the same reason, do not be surprised if skin pigmentation increased after tanning.
  • The cause of moles on the human body can be an illness. Various injuries, viruses, insect bites can leave a mark on the skin.