Baths at high pressure

High blood pressure is jeopardizing such vital organs as the brain, heart and kidneys, so treat this disease you need a specialist. High blood pressure can be chronic, and can manifest the following signs: fatigue, facial flushing and excessive sweating.

Taking a hot bath in hypertension is not recommended because the high temperature causes increased blood circulation and blood flow to all tissues and organs, including the brain, causing the heart begins to work harder.

High temperature also harmful to the development of hypertensive crisis. The brain vessels can not withstand the pressure and will rupture of some vessel, called a stroke.

If the pressure is increased slightly, and take a bath you really want, you need to make the water warm, but in any case not hot. A prerequisite for taking a bath when the disease of hypertension - the water temperature is not more than 37 degrees. Even be useful, if you take a bath with decoction of herbs (lavender, fir, lemon or Valerian) and table salt.

Preventive measures when the disease of hypertension

In the presence of such diseases as hypertension, you need to constantly monitor blood pressure. Must be measured at rest, more suited for this early morning. The procedure you should try to spend approximately the same time and on the same hand. Measurements should be regular.

High blood pressure should try to reduce not only medicines but also a radical lifestyle change. Eat lean food (preferably without salt) and plenty of vegetables (preferably raw).

Recommended to eat 5-6 times a day in small portions. There are plenty of leeks, garlic and onions. Do not lean on salty and sweet foods, cream, sour cream, fatty meat. You should also limit consumption of meats, innards, jam, fish oil and sea products.

We must try gradually to reduce excess weight (if available). Regular long workout in the fresh air, breathing exercises, rubbing, dry brushing, shower and bath for the hands, also have efficacy in lowering pressure hypertension.

In addition to all this, you must limit the intake of alcohol, tea, coffee, stop Smoking and try to avoid stressful situations and noise. Instead of the usual tea you can drink infusions of herbs (meadowsweet medicinal) and juice (hawthorn, mistletoe).

Hypertension is not a disease that can be completely cured, but subject to the necessary recommendations and correct lifestyle you can de to prevent high spikes in blood pressure and live a full life.