The basic rule, which will depend on the success of the operation "life without bad sweets" - do not force yourself. The more you suppress the desire to eat a piece of creamy cake, the weaker will be your power of will. Sweets should become for you unwanted not through force, but through understanding the causes strong cravings.
When you once get the impulse to buy a large cake aerial, internal scan yourself in the presence of the following negative emotions: anxiety, boredom, fear, anger, jealousy, confusion, resentment, fatigue, disappointment, remorse. You can also commit to paper the main feelings during craving for buns or cakes, at the same time understand, under the influence of which you often are in the moment of absorption of refined hazards.
To change the diet, which will no longer place harmful sweets, you need to substitute three sweet harmful product more useful counterparts. For example, desserts and pastries replace grains bread with honey, milk chocolate — dark chocolate muffins — nuts, dried fruits and natural jelly with berries and sweetener.
To eat less sweet of refined sugar and pastries, and over time, completely abandon it all, always eat Breakfast. The Breakfast affects the amount of food you consume throughout the day. Make your Breakfast healthy and tasty, so after the hand is not stretched to something tasty, but harmful. Good option for Breakfast — porridge from whole grains with milk and honey, boiled egg, fruit puree with the addition of flax seeds. If at first to give up sweets is not possible, the rule is to eat small portion sweet it is on Breakfast, strictly forbade myself to eat refined sugar the afternoon. Thus, you will not enter your body in a state of stress (after all, a serving of sweet he gets), but will give him the opportunity during the day to get rid of the eaten without consequences for the waistline and health.