If your husband told you that in the near future intends to apply for a divorce in the first place you should try to talk to him heart to heart. Put aside emotions, try to think soberly and not to give vent to tears. To stoop to insults and humiliation is not worth it. Your conversation needs to flow constructively to bring any result. Ask your beloved what is the reason for his decision. Maybe he fell in love with another woman, tired of your quarrels and your indifference or just not happy with you because of your behavior. In the first case, saving the marriage is unlikely, as the heart of the order is impossible, but if the reason for divorce was a misunderstanding or your weaknesses, you may well find a compromise.
Once you find out what has led your spouse to such thoughts, ask him to give you some time for reflection. During this period you need to not only think things through, and begin to do work on your mistakes.
Listen to the opinion of her husband and begin to cultivate. If he didn't like your laziness, actively engaged in household chores. If the cause of his dissatisfaction lay in the lack of culinary talents, learn to cook. If he wasn't happy with your appearance that you could really run, sort yourself out. Become to care for themselves, as did this even before he married. Fight excess weight by using fitness and aerobics, prefer active rest, you can visit the beauty salon and make a new hairstyle. Closet will likely also have to change.
If all your initiatives will remain unnoticed by the spouse, try to act on the principle "hot - cold". Make your lover a romantic candlelit dinner, during which you can tell him frankly about their emotions, experiences and feelings, and end your evening with an erotic massage, a sexy dance or a stormy night of love. A man who has lived with you in the marriage for many years, are unlikely to resist such a temptation, and your initiative is likely to bring him pleasure.
Next day you need to hold quite differently. Go about your business, take a walk, or meet up with your old buddies. When your husband comes home, he will find there your absence and the lack of fresh homemade food. When he will ask you about why you did it, tell me what you were doing. Laugh and say that after the divorce he will always have to do everything yourself. Then again you can be kind to him and gentle. Such cases keep the man in suspense and make him think about what would happen if you will not close.