Kia spectra is the car which has become almost a public one, as it has a number of advantages. Along with the relatively low cost since it is produced in Russia, it has everything you need motorist. Air conditioning, power steering, comfortable driving position quite a lot of space for passengers and hand Luggage. The high quality material used in the manufacture of the car, pleasing to the eye and gives a truly aesthetic pleasure.

Bumpers, like on most cars, made of durable plastic. They are installed on special amplifiers bumpers, made of metal. Sometimes you have to remove the bumper. This need arises for replacement, repair or painting.
This procedure is simple, but it can get complicated, as under the bumper often accumulates dirt and water, threaded connections become dirty and covered with rust. Therefore, before the repair (better at night) treat all screw connections penetrating lubricant.

Removing the front bumper

Only three tools you need to perform this procedure. Two keys – for 10 and 14 mm and Phillips screwdriver. Before you start disconnect the battery to avoid short circuit in case of an accidental wire breakage. Such accidents happen, so be careful when removing. After you remove the grille to do this, you will need to remove eleven clips which she attached to the vehicle.

License plate: Unscrew and remove the frame that is under it. Just don't lose the number plate and do not damage it. The next step is the most difficult, you will need to remove the headlight. Initially disconnect from them pads to be easier to work with. After you remove the mud flaps and get down to fog lamps, if they exist, of course. It is enough to disconnect pads with wires from them.

Further, if we look out of the window under the headlamp, you can see the brackets that the bumper attaches to the body. Remove the bolts from it and remove the caps. You will also find the mounts under the license plate and under the wing. Getting rid of them, you can completely remove the bumper and proceed to its repair or install a new one. Please note that buy best the original bumper. Analogue of unknown origin can be very different in form and quality from the original.

Removing the rear bumper

Disconnect the battery and remove the back lights. This is the first action to perform which you'll need for repairs. After you remove the mud flaps and remove the six caps that the top part of the bumper attaches to the body. From fog lamps, disconnect the power pads, then remove the facing panel of the trunk.

The mounting brackets of the bumper are also under the wings and at the bottom. Getting rid of all of the fixtures, you can easily remove the bumper from the vehicle. If damaged the caps when removing, it is necessary to replace them. Of course, it would be best if you install the new installation. Assembly to make in return sequence. This applies to both the front and rear bumper.