What to sew

You need a waterproof fabric is calendered nylon or Dacron, Bologna, etc. you Can make a life vest out of old coats or jackets, rebuff sleeves and slightly extending the neck. The tissue should be enough to be enough for two vests length just below the waist. The material is better to choose a bright, clearly visible on the water. The filler is most suitable foam. You can also use plastic bottles (but they need to be sealed so that the air coming out). However, the bottle is not very convenient, because the mechanical action can break. Sometimes for making jackets using the children's rubber toys or inflatable balls. But the foam still makes the most sense, because mechanical damage does not lose its properties. You will also need a piece of parachute slings or synthetic tapes and 1-3 carabiner or plastic buckles.


A jacket strut, remove the skin. Armhole and neck extend for about 1 cm (just cut off allowances). Cut the foam into strips with a width of approximately 10 cm Strips are inserted transversely, so the length must equal the width of the shelves or the back. The foam should be thick. Cutting it can be a regular sharp knife, previously marked out on a ruler ballpoint pen. The knife blade should be perpendicular to the plane of the sheet. The strips will have plenty of pockets. This rectangles. The width of each equal to the width of the strip added to it twice the thickness of the sheet. The pockets are located over the entire surface of the vest. It is particularly important that they were in the upper part (shoulders and neckline), so that even in case of loss of consciousness the man's head remained above water. Allowances of 1 cm to Express all the sides of the rectangles. Synthetic fabric is the most convenient to cut the apparatus for burning or soldering iron, in this case, the buttonhole seams do not need. Think about how many fasteners. Can be only one belt. Cut from parachute straps 2 piece of 25 cm To the ends sew the buckle.


Set all elements line primaqiune pockets. On the pockets fold the allowances and very carefully zautyuzhte on the wrong side. Baste the workpiece according to the planned lines, but only one side (e.g. top or bottom pockets only), and then pristrochite, but only to the allowances of the side seams. Sew the strips and the second sides. Sostrochite shoulder and side seams. Insert the foam and seal the gap. Sew the waistband with buckles.