To begin the study of shorthand with the alphabet. This will take 3-5 days. Then to learn the spelling of vowels. And you're already 50% possess the determination and will in 2-3 times to write faster than you write now. This will take 2 weeks.
Next, you will study continuous signs, signs for prefixes, root words, word endings. After studying them emails speed will increase 3-5 times.
When you learn the rules reduction of words and phrases, rules for writing aphorisms, Proverbs and sayings you letters will reach 80-100 words per minute. How hard is it to learn shorthand? No, very easy. Compare for yourself. Traffic rules of vehicles on the roads of Russia contain almost 300 characters. We have the right courses of study for 30-40 days. Pass the exam and get a driver's license. Shorthand contains only 70 characters. So the shorthand study is 4 times easier than the Rules of the road.