Causes of rash on forehead

To determine the exact cause helps the character of the rash. It may be barely noticeable small bumps or red ulcers with the content. Of course, the important role played by the care of the skin, therefore regular washing with the use of specially selected remedies will reduce the fat content, which often leads to the appearance of the rash.

The main reasons for the appearance of the rash on the forehead are:
- improper care of the skin;
- diseases of the gallbladder and pancreas;
- disorders in the intestines;
- hormonal disorders;
- consumption of fatty, smoked, fried, spicy food, sweets;
- allergic reaction.

As a rule, for the effective treatment will be required to pass common tests of blood, urine, feces, examined by different specialists.

How to get rid of rash on forehead?

If the cause of the rash became unbalanced diet, you should limit the use of products that lead to slagging of the organism. Lovers of strong tea and coffee should be replaced with the drinks to natural juices, fortified fruit drinks, decoctions of herbs etc. For the normalization of the bowel recommended daily fasting drink a glass of kefir or yogurt, to consume foods with more fiber, lean meats and fish.

If there are serious problems with the intestines, gall bladder, pancreas, it is advisable to consult a specialist-a gastroenterologist, which considering all factors will pick up the necessary treatment. It is not necessary to self-medicate.

There are tips for daily hygiene of the face:
- do not use expired products;
- water for washing is recommended to add a few drops of lemon juice for dry skin;
- you can wipe the face with ice cubes on the basis of a decoction of chamomile, peppermint, plantain;
- regularly apply a mask to maintain tone;
help lotions decoction of calendula, celandine, St. John's wort.

In puberty the rash on his forehead – an obvious symptom of hormonal disorders. At this point you need to explain to a teenager about the reason for the constant issues on the face. A severe rash should be cause for a visit to the doctor, who will select the best tools to combat acne. For example, effectively eliminate acne "Zener", "Skinoren", "Matt" and other drugs.