Making parallel Parking backwards, you can put the car as close to the curb. Although the circuit such Parking is done for a single reverse gear, in a city sometimes you have to Park periodically turning off the reverse gear and driving forward.
If you have already finished the driving school but not mastered this type of Parking, tightly inflate and tie around the perimeter of your car the balloons. When moving another car or any obstacle (a pole, for example), you do not cause machines damage and can pull the brake. Using balloons you will soon remember the dimensions of your car. It is better to ride decorated with balls the car than to pay for the repairs of another car.
Here you have chosen the place for its Parking. Most often, parallel Parking is used the space between the two standing cars. If we are talking about Parking in the city on the two-way street, it'll be the right side of the road. In the case when you decide to leave the car in the lane or somewhere in the yard, you can get up and left at the curb. Here is the order of action for the more frequent case - Parking on the right.
For a start, go a little further selected locations, trying to move as close as possible to the car on the right. You have to stay near the far car so the Parking space was behind you.
Now switch to reverse and turn the wheel to the right until the end. Before driving make sure that behind you no one inspects. Even though you go back, the front part of the machine will stick out farther into the roadway. Keep moving back until the hood of the car, standing behind you, will not seem completely in your left mirror.
As soon as you saw the car back into the left mirror, turn the steering wheel left, the wheels stood straight. The number of revolutions of the wheel for this depends on the brand of your car. To understand exactly are the wheels straight, you can just gently start moving. If the machine continues to rotate, it means you have nedocromil the wheel.
For a rookie driver it is better to remember how many turns the helm to do to turn the wheels of the car from the extreme (right or left) in upright position. With time to consider you stop, the hands themselves remember the motion. How far you go back directly into this step depends on how close to the curb and you'll Park in the end. Moving back now, notice the car in front. Press on the brake, when left rear corner of the car ahead of you passes the right front corner of your car.
Pull up and remove the steering wheel to the left. It is necessary to drop the front of your car at the Parking space. Gently starting the movement be careful not to touch the car nor from behind you. Stop the movement when your car will stand parallel to the curb.
If you feel that back of you there is not enough space, stop. Then put it in first gear and go forward a little. Performing this exercise on the racetrack, you are not allowed to turn off the reverse gear. But in a city Parking space can be quite small and you have to drive all the way up to fit it on the car. To drove away from the curb when driving straight ahead, you can turn the steering wheel straight. At the same time, then including it in reverse and starting a movement, don't forget to return the steering wheel to the extreme left position.
In this parallel Parking is completed. But if necessary you can drive right to increase the distance to the car behind you. But remember that if the wheels of your car look to the left, you will be able to leave the Parking lot. Completing the Park, take a look out the right window or step out of the car to make sure that the car is parked close to the edge of the road.