Pharmacological properties of Rotokana"

The drug is a liquid extract dark brown in color with a specific smell. In its composition it includes a mixture of plant vegetative raw materials: chamomile flowers, calendula and yarrow, which in combination have anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, analgesic, bactericidal and healing effect.

Among the common indications for the use of the drug is cough, runny nose and other inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system. The most gentle method of therapy is the use of inhalation "Protocanon".

Benefits of inhalation treatment

This form of use of herbal remedies has several advantages: available means of alleviating the condition of the patient; the effect directly on the inflammation; the possibility of combining with other drugs; supplementary oxygen inhalation.

Especially effective is the procedure using a special nebulizer – nebulizer, which converts medication into a mist cloud. Because of this, the medicine gets on mucous membranes of the respiratory system in the form of easily absorbed by microscopic suspended particles. This ensures deep penetration of the drug into the respiratory tract and proper irrigation that promotes a speedy recovery.

How to prepare "Rotokan" for inhalation

Use of this tool is to be inhaled is not sufficiently wide application, and in the instructions attached to it no such information. Advice on this matter can be obtained from the attending physician that will provide detailed information on this method of treatment.

The drug is usually diluted in physiological solution in the ratio 1:40 (1 ml of tincture 40 ml of saline). For the procedure in an inhaler filled with 4 ml of the resulting liquid. Inhalation is carried out 2-3 times a day. This tool is particularly effective when only the beginning of a viral infection.

"Rotokan" is low-toxic and low allergenic, therefore widely used in pregnant women and children. However, due to the fact that herbal remedies have an alcohol base to apply it to kids only after prior consultation with a doctor, a pediatrician. To prevent the undesirable effects of inhalation therapy in young children should be under the strict control of their parents or health workers.