Of course, most of the students aspire to obtain free higher education. It is because they try as best as possible to prepare for exams, get high scores on the exam and internal exams at the University, if any. Free education is a guarantee that parents do not have to go into debt to fork out, paying for a child's education. But free education has its positive side.

Paid or free?

If the student is smart enough and hardworking, for it is not difficult to enroll in free training. However, not all universities are ready to provide the number of budget places, and some none at all. In most cases, if the budget places a bit, and the specialty is popular enough, they quickly occupied the privileged categories of citizens. There is no good points for the exam or a perfect score in the certificate, no well-developed portfolio of the student. What do the students in this case? Just have to find another specialty or University, or to enter the paid Department. Nothing wrong with that: it is possible to study for a semester or a year on a paid Department, and then transferred to the budget, because in the first year of study many students are expelled from universities when they can not cope with the program. Therefore, smart and savvy students differ in learning and social activities for 1-2 courses to have more of a chance of a transfer to the budget.

When free education is impossible

When choosing education and the training can not only look at whether the University budget. Sometimes it is in excellent universities funded places allocated is not much, but given a great education. So parents who care about the future of their children, I do not regret that I have to pay for school. In addition, there are numerous branches of famous universities located in small towns. Sometimes they are the only opportunity for the student to receive education in his hometown, but after all, not every University will allocate budget space for its branches. It turns out that if the applicant does not want to leave his native city, he has to study in the branch of the University for a fee.

A paid study can be very prestigious. For example, if parents want their child educated abroad, they should be prepared for the fact that all the universities in the selected country will be paid. And the more prestigious the institution a prospective student chooses, the greater is its training. But it later will turn to the student huge advantage, because with a diploma from a good University in front of him will open up all the doors. Paid education is a profitable investment in the future of the child, because such investment will definitely pay off. While not every free education will be assessed by your future employer are appreciated.