Start looking the houseand in the summer in advance, in February and March. Those wishing to spend the summer not polluted cities, and in a quiet, green village with each passing year becomes more and more. By may almost all the good and cheap houses are already occupied.
Take a ride through the villages, suggest where to rent a house. Talk to the grandmothers at the edge of the village. They are willing to share their information, who and where wants to pass the house and who is best avoided. Many local residents do not use the Internet, and real estate agencies are not trusted. You can contact the village administration, its employees are usually aware of everything that happens on their territory. Read the announcement on a special Board or on the walls have a cute houses.
Post the announcement of the intention to rent a house for the summer in Newspapers and specialized sites for employment and housing. Notify all friends. It may be that they have relatives in the village who are eager to take your house with all the amenities. Maybe at a friends cottage, where they do not use, preferring to leave the Black sea. In this case, you can rent a house for free, it will be enough to fix the fence and paint a summer kitchen.
Visit the recreation center. It happens that even in the season there remain vacant houseand the administration will easily allow you to live there at least all summer. Really don't expect that you will be given a mansion with all the amenities. Houses on such an unpopular recreation old and without amenities. But the price will appreciate.
Contact the real estate Agency. There you will have several options for houses. Do not be lazy, go to the site and personally verify that the house in the pictures correspond to reality. Check the condition of the house, household appliances, furniture to the owner then did not claim for burnout 10 years ago sofa. You can then lease. Make sure that you are losing the house owner, not its second cousin. Check title documents for housing. Stipulate conditions, who will pay for utilities and communication, and discuss the procedure for cleaning the house and local area.