Despite the occupation, a woman is still a woman, so the flowers remain in any case the main gift, and if your chief accountant no health problems, it will delight and box of expensive gourmet chocolates.

Office gift

Stylish glasses in an expensive frame can be a wonderful gift for the woman, if she has eyesight problems. Well, the one in which vision is great, you can give glasses with no lenses, for example, glasses for computer work.

Chief accountants are often prone to stress. Gifts that it is removed, will be very welcome. These things include sand painting, moving toys or balls.

Do not forget about Executive gifts. Expensive pens, Desk sets, wallets combine aesthetics and practicality. A more original gift this style will be a wall calendar with a picture of your chief accountant in the image of an English lady or resting in nature. Only order this gift to be in advance in any art Agency, it was time to fix it.

Surely your chief accountant is delayed until late at work. Give her an electric kettle or microwave so she could have a place to drink tea, coffee and lunch, warm-up brought from home or ordered at a nearby restaurant food.

Personal gift

If your chief accountant passionate about something, you can give something of her Hobbies. So, if she has been gardening, give her a rare plant in the pot. Keen cooks can present the book with many delicious recipes. The seamstress will appreciate the embroidery kits, beading, scrapbooking, etc.

If you are close enough to communicate with her, perhaps you know her heart's desire. So a great gift for ladies will become his incarnation.

And you can arrange your chief accountant of a real vacation, buying a ticket to a warm country and allowing to relax from work.

A memorable gift

If your chief accountant and have the table set and stylish sunglasses, and a room full appliances, you can reward her comic the order of merit for the company. Don't forget that the order must be accompanied by the diploma or other document. Surely the lady will be pleased that the staff her is so appreciated.

Such memorial gifts include personalized mug, made to order, a portrait of the chief accountant in a beautiful frame Cup with your signatures, etc.

The chief accountant can give and money. Purchase a Bank gold or silver coins and give in a beautiful box with a commemorative inscription.