At all times loving, leaving, kept in touch with each other. They wrote letters and sent messengers, they were helped by pigeons and understanding people. Centuries pass, but still important to know everything that's going on with their mate. With the advent of the telephone, much has changed: it became possible to hear the voice of his beloved. Now often expect a letter or a short note, phone call or SMS message.Perhaps, every girl starts to feel anxiety when a loved one is not interested in and do not like about ourselves. To call - because it's so easy! Appears festering soul concern: "why isn't he calling, and if everything is in order"?Interestingly, for women the very fact of the phone call is of great importance. This was confirmed by a number of sociological studies on this topic. It turned out that men and women absolutely have different opinions of telephone communication. For example, from a male point of view, it is not necessary to call immediately after a first date. Moreover, men do not love often long to talk on the phone even with the woman. While the fairer sex are eager to hear a familiar voice after the last meeting. In their opinion, this demonstrates a serious interest men in the development of relations.When you all possible and impossible timelines, a reasonable question arises: what to do? The most effective in this situation is the advice: do not try to find her blessed. If you're too persistent, you can achieve the opposite effect. He'll just try to forget your phone number. Even if the first date is mutually liked and gave a pleasant chat, give time to themselves and to him. According to etiquette, a man may not to remind myself about a week, there is nothing to be ashamed of.Do not be discouraged if your partner doesn't call. The reasons can be myriad: broken phone, some urgent business at work, important trip, etc. moreover, many men do not even think about what for you has a special significance in the fact that it needs to warn you about the possible absence or employment.If your relationship can be called sustainable, then call him. An easy conversation it is easy to attend and enjoy the fellowship. Speaking of which, manm likes it very much. However, try to keep your conversation short. Subsequently, it is better to negotiate with your lover how to react in situations where, for whatever reason, you don't call each other.