You will need
  • - 300 grams of fresh black currant;
  • - 200 ml dry red wine;
  • - 2 teaspoons of brown sugar;
  • - 2 teaspoons of lemon juice;
  • - salt to taste;
  • - pinch of cinnamon;
  • - ground black pepper;
  • - a pinch of dried Basil.
First for the sauce, prepare the berries of black currant. They are thoroughly washed, cleaned of leaves and any debris and turn into a smooth puree in any convenient way - using a blender, mixer or conventional mortar.
It is most convenient to discuss cook the sauce in a skillet or saucepan. It is necessary to lay out the berries, then pour the red wine and bring to a boil. After that, he needs to stay on heat for approximately 5 minutes.
If desired, the resulting mass can pass through a very fine sieve to get rid of small bones and skins. If you want to get more thick sauce, then this can not be done.
Then again boil the mixture on medium heat and then add all these spices, sugar, salt and lemon juice. Boil until cooked the sauce will be still for about 20 minutes. In that moment, when it thickens, the dish should stir again thoroughly and off.
Serve sauce to meat, chicken or fish in any form - hot or cold. It gives the dish a slightly unusual taste very good.
When cooking, for example, meatloaf, this sauce can coat the surface of food in order to make it more tender, soft and delicious.