The main indications for the conduct of buttock augmentation

Insert the silicone into the buttocks can be congenital underdevelopment of the gluteal muscles, drooping of the buttocks, an uneven distribution of adipose tissue, skin sagging due to sudden weight loss, a small volume of the pelvis in men.

Pre-plastic surgeon examines the patient, makes the selection of the implant. The goal of plastic surgery is to obtain a harmonious shape of the buttocks, corresponding to the General Constitution of the whole body.

Implants can have a smooth, textured surface, round or anatomical shape. Cohesive silicone gel is very dense shell that provides bioinertness used prostheses and a complete lack of interaction of silicone with the surrounding tissues.

How is the preparation for plastic surgery

The patient is administered a General survey to exclude major contraindications. In addition, a mandatory analysis of the General and biochemical blood test, coagulogram. In diseases of the hemopoietic system, endocrine pathologies, inflammatory, oncological diseases, obesity and diabetes from the buttock augmentation will have to give.

How to insert silicone into the buttocks, and how long is the recovery period

Correction of the buttocks performed under anesthesia. Mezhyagodichnoy in the folds of the incision is 5 cm, form the implantation pocket. The endoprosthesis features between small and large gluteal muscle. Then the incisions sewn up, treated with antiseptics and operated wear compression stockings.

In the clinic, the patient spends two days. The full recovery period lasts from one to two months. The sutures are removed in two weeks. During the recovery period is recommended to limit physical activity, visiting the baths, saunas, pools, tanning. You can't sleep on my back for two weeks to sit.

Today, buttock augmentation is considered the most effective, efficient and safe method for changing the shape of the buttocks. Over time, implants will not drift or move, which is a guarantee of lasting results. Buttock augmentation gives you the opportunity not only to make a bulk flat buttocks, but also allows you to lift them, to give the desired shape and size.

When choosing a clinic for the surgery should pay attention to those medical institutions, which for many years successfully engaged in the plastic buttocks. From the experience of the plastic surgeon depends the result.