Entertainment for two people

A long flight in the company of a pleasant and familiar people is a great reason to get to know each other. Have fun on the plane will help the various simple games. For example, in word/city of the Association, "Truth or dare", "the Gallows". Also the "collective mind" can be used for crossword puzzles and crossword puzzles. This pastime will get exciting, and the flight seem very quick.

Another way to make the flight more interesting – to engage in vacation planning. However, this event should prepare in advance: to take on Board guide, maps, list of interesting places. Another useful and entertaining event: collectively start learning important phrases in the language of the place in which you keep the path.

If most of the passengers sank into slumber, refrain from loud collective activities. In this case, entertain yourself on the plane during long flights will help you a Notepad and pen/pencil. For example, create with a friend/friends stylish picture, write an interesting story or a poem. However, this should be done in the following way. The first person in the chain something draws/writes a word or phrase and wraps created. The second continues, also "hiding" is written, etc. When the entire sheet will be minimized, hide it, not stroking. Enjoy a collective masterpiece better after waking up the other passengers: loud laughter you provided.

Individual entertainment on long flights

Often long flights man goes alone (for example, business). In this case, to entertain themselves have their own. Well as individual entertainment will come in handy if your companions decided to take a NAP.

Traditional entertainment on the plane are reading books/magazines, watching movies, listening to music/audiobooks. Modern gadgets (smartphones, tablets, laptops) allow you to occupy yourself interesting game or business. One of the most popular classes on Board, solo travellers is the study guides and chat with interesting neighbors.

Entertain yourself on the plane during a long flight will also help a variety of Hobbies. On Board you can carry knitting (crochet), beading, embroidering, tatting or creating. Please note: needles and other sharp objects you will withdraw during the inspection. If there is a need for scissors, get a little tool with blunt ends in the Department for needlework. Also entertain yourself in the long flights you can use drawing, coloring or sculpting.

A long flight is a good occasion to fill in a diary, make a life plan, or to acquire new knowledge through literature or video courses. Also, this time you can spend thinking up new ideas for business development or essay useful workshops. And long flights will contribute to your development.