How to win the love of a husband?

If you've begun to realize that your husband no longer loves you and lives with you only out of habit, do not rush to panic. Understand that love does not ask. Her need to achieve and conquer.

Start to cultivate. Remember how you were when your partner met you. Certainly since then much time has passed and you have changed not only internally, but also externally. Clean up, update your closet, make a new fashionable haircut. Carefully study your figure. Probably with age you have gained a few extra pounds. Sit on a diet, work out or start eating right. Eat less fried and salty foods, prefer boiled fish, meat, vegetables. Refrain from sweets, replace it with fresh fruit.

Once you again feel attractive, try to Wake up the love of her husband. This will help you combines pleasant memories. Take him for a walk to those places you visited when you were young and in love. Reconsider your photos, find the gifts I'd given each other a long time ago. Positive emotions will awaken in your former spouse's feelings.

Surround your lover with care and attention. He needs to understand that next to it is a loving and sincere man, able at any moment to help.

Remind your other half about your feelings and say that he still is very dear to you.

How to survive the indifference of her husband?

If you return the love spouse does not work, you can act in two ways: to tolerate cohabitation without feelings or divorce.

Choosing the first option, you can soothe yourself with thoughts that love is a concept too deep. It includes friendship, mutual understanding, respect, habit, and passion. Probably in your relationship has everything except passion. Then go get her. Try to make your love life something new, for sure your husband will appreciate it. Arrange romantic dinners, the completion of which may be your Frank dance and stormy night.

If you understand that the further joint life has no meaning, put the point and file for divorce. Of course, parting to survive is very difficult, but believe that in the future you will meet a man who will love you and make you happy.