Why you're old


The human body is aging, because aging organs. And aging bodies caused by aging cells. Although aware of the fact that the cells in the human body is constantly updated – the old die, new ones appear. But the body still grows old. This is because in the process of life for many reasons cells get damaged. And damaged cells can generate healthy new cells. So over time the body accumulates more and more cells with different injuries. And when they accumulate a large amount, then they slow down the process of appearance of new cells. That's why people get older earlier than it is provided by nature.

Scientists believe that theoretically the human body can live up to 150 years. But almost people don't live as long because his body wears out much earlier and is caused by several reasons.

The factors leading to physiological age

How quickly before you get older person depends on heredity, the environment in which he lives, and what life is, what it eats.

Modern man leads a sedentary lifestyle, the human body needs physical activity. Otherwise, the circulatory system is not working properly, leads to diseases of various organs.

A few people at a young age thinking about what foods to eat. It is very important to eat a balanced and to include in the diet antioxidants that successfully fight free radicals. Free radicals – the number one enemy of youth, as are molecules that lack an electron, so trying to take it away from some other molecule.

Not conducive to the rejuvenation of the body and Smoking, alcohol, prolonged exposure in direct sunlight, stress.

Of course, environmental pollution also causes aging. Detrimental effects on the cells of the human body has radioactive background in which it is constant. When visiting subway, where everything is made of granite slabs, the person receives a considerable dose of radiation. Asphalt emits radioactive particles in drinking water and plants and also there is radiation.

At what age old age comes?

It is difficult to define clear boundaries of old age. It is not only a physiological process but also a psychological one. A lot depends on how emotionally configured.

There is a perception that old age comes when desires cease to fill and delight, when nowhere to go and nothing to strive for. Some such as visits in 80 years, and someone feels like already 30.

How soon people feel old, is determined by various factors: social environment, occupation, presence of children, level of intellectual development.

Prevention of old age can and should be, starting with the youth. This should be an active lifestyle, eat right, take care of your face and body. But most importantly feeling young. And for this you need to believe the best, to love, to plan for the future, develop mental skills, often find reason to smile. When the soul is young, it is impossible to hide. The whole appearance will radiate this youth, and no one will believe what is written in the passport.