The required tests for laser correction

In each regional center opened a medical clinic offering their services to correct vision. Almost every surrender of such analyses:
- the General analysis of blood;
- blood for HBsAg and antibodies to HCV;
- blood for HIV and RW
The tests are valid for 1-2 months. They can pass in the clinic at the place of registration or in an independent laboratory for money.

It is also necessary to perform diagnostics and consulting ophthalmologist to prepare the eye. Should not wear contact lenses: hard — 14 soft 7 days. When wearing night lenses, be sure to inform the doctor at the reception. Optometrist may prescribe an additional period of time before the correction when the cornea did not have time to take a natural shape after prolonged wearing of contact lenses.

Before the laser vision correction is to abstain from alcoholic drinks for two full days and do not use cosmetic products — mascara, eye shadow, powder for 24 hours before surgery. On the day of surgery you should calm down, not to apply perfume with a strong and pungent odor, carefully wash your face with soap and water. You need to take Slippers and a change of clothes. Outerwear should not dress over the head, on the first day of any touching of the eyes is prohibited. After surgery need sunglasses.

After the laser correction

During the operation, you should completely relax and still see ourselves at the green blinking dot. Surgeon all their actions have to comment. After the vision correction you need to be in the medical center under the supervision of its staff, it usually only lasts about 2-3 hours. The ophthalmologist then makes a visual inspection of the eye in order to verify the correctness of application of the upper layers of the cornea.

Laser correction runs mostly without the need for hospitalization in the "one day". However, it is necessary to come to the medical center for verification. The doctor also can prescribe special drops, which will protect the eye from infections. You can not drink alcohol and antibiotics. Within three days after the operation it is not necessary to wash your hair and wash to avoid infection.

Within two weeks after vision correction should exclude the possibility of injury to the eyes and exposure to direct sunlight. It is impossible to use cosmetics and sauna. Also during the month you want to restrict classes, contact sports, swimming. When feeling in the eye a foreign body or loss of vision please contact your medical center.