In Russian professional educational institutions can get the basics of more than 600 professions, so that graduates of the schools will have difficult choices in this variety. But most of them long before the last call is determined by the choice of a profession. According to statistics, the most popular were and remain several areas of professional activities that bring a good income, attractive in terms of career growth and social level.

The most popular fields of study

Many on the question of what the most popular profession in Russia, without hesitation answer – economists. Indeed, the economist opens the door practically to all spheres of production. Specialists in this field are needed in banking, and in government, and in companies producing a particular product, and trade in gas and oil industry, that is, in the most profitable spheres of activity.

Second place in popularity is the universities that train managers. Experts in the field of management, really, extremely popular on the job market – they are needed and in advertising agencies and publishing houses and industrial companies.

In third place is the programmers, without which it can not do any one company, Agency, office, firm, small firm service or Bureau. In the age of development of high technologies of data transmission through the Internet without those specialists, the functioning of most of the companies is almost impossible.

The most popular jobs in the labour market

But the labor market shows very different results in terms of demand for certain professions. Statistics show that enterprises are short of skilled workers – builders, drivers, livestock workers, engineers, mechanics, machinists, etc., Acute shortage is felt in the pedagogical, medical area.

The reason, of course, that these jobs not as well paid as those associated with the management, economy and trade. But government policy in recent years aimed at popularisation of it professions working. That is, the current graduates need to seriously think about getting if not main, then at least additional education in the field of production, in the social sphere or in the sphere of construction.

The employment service, and state and private employment agencies offer jobs mainly to foremen, painters, machine worker, teachers and educators, doctors and Junior medical staff. Dear graduates of higher educational institutions to find a job is often quite problematic.