To give or not? Ethical side of the issue

At the initial stage it is best to still figure out, is whether your instructor to receive any gifts. In this case, it is not even about the representatives of the "old guard" who can consider any gift is literally a crime and can respond very negatively. Some young teachers also are not too are set up to accept gifts for fear of condemnation by their colleagues or fear of being convicted of bribery.
The leader-the woman can give jewelry made of natural stones. They are not as expensive as gold jewelry, and look nobler plastic jewelry.

We should not forget about the relation to the supervisor. Maybe he not only didn't make any effort to help, but hindered good training or infringe you. But there is another option where a gift to a teacher is the best way to Express to him my sincere gratitude, respect and warm admiration. In this case, the gift is really appropriate.

Gift to the head: financial aspect

Often the financial aspect is also relevant, especially for students. To give expensive gift to the scientific leader can afford not everyone.

And therefore it is advisable to discuss the option to "chip in" for a certain amount of money all students of this teacher. This method will give an excellent opportunity for a relatively small for each money to choose a beautiful and valuable gift that will be remembered the teacher for life.

The choice of gift depending on the age of the head

In addition, we should not lose sight of the age of your teacher. Because, you see, the woman the head old age most will be happy a chic briefcase or picture, than to pass on Balinese or Thai massage.

Same is the case with the young men leaders who can offer anything from cutting-edge technologies, rather than a set of tobacco with a Smoking pipe.

Classification of gifts supervisor

Gift, suitable for handing the thesis supervisor, can be divided into several different types:
- serious;
- private;
- banal;
- cool.

To major gifts supervisor include interior items, paintings and other works of art, equipment, articles of gold, etc. Personal gifts can be such: the order table in the restaurant, a ticket to visit the beauty salon, beauty AIDS, services of a massage therapist.
Ideally, the present supervisor should be selected, taking into account not only his age and gender, but also its taste. This gift will be his most pleasant.

Trivial gifts are usually handed or with complete indifference to your teacher or in the absence of funds or imagination. For this kind of gifts include: wine, flowers, brandy, cards, and candy.

Funny gifts. Modern technologies and materials allow to create original and unusual gifts on the memory supervisor, which will remain in his memory for a long time. For example, you can present to the teacher the composition of the candy is handmade, comic ode of praise, to order a parade of balloons to include him in the draw and much more. However, you must be sure that people perceive it correctly and not waiting for your cash gift or its equivalent.

It may seem that to choose a gift of all kinds of abundance is very simple. However, in this case, should adhere to the sensitivity and to understand the boundaries of appropriate and acceptable. After all, the person spent on you not only their time but a part of himself, not only very pleased but also upset properly selected gift or the lack of it.