The advantages of working in a taxi

The taxi driver himself can adjust your working day. If you need to take a day off to go anywhere for personal or family Affairs, or if you feel unwell and want to improve your health, not to carry the disease on their feet, any obstacle will not. Moreover, you can take a vacation if required. You will also be able to work when it is convenient – for example, only at night or early in the morning. Finally, if you urgently need a small amount, you can quickly earn it in due time, will only need more work.

If you want to get to know your city and to hone their driving skills, working in a taxi is the best option. After a few months of visits with customers you will be able to remember even the most remote areas, to see many of the streets start to be guided well in different parts of the city. In addition, you will be led more confident and relaxed, but also learn in case you need to find the short path and quickly take the client to the specified location.

Sociable taxi driver could take a day to enjoy conversations with different people. Driving customers to make pleasant and even useful acquaintances and interesting to spend time. On the other hand, if communication at the moment do not want to, you can be silent during the trip.

Disadvantages of working in a taxi

Your job will depend on the condition of your vehicle. If the machine breaks down often, you will spend all earned money for repairs. In addition, you will be able to work only when the car is all right. It can be a source of problems.

Unfortunately, not all passengers care with other people's property. Be prepared for the fact that clients can dirty the seat, to break the grip – in short, to cause material damage. Even if they are neat, the more you work in a taxi, the higher the wear and tear of the car and more often have to be repaired. In short, in any case part of the earnings you have to spend on care of the machine and replacement parts.

If your friends, relatives and acquaintances know what you are working on, there is a risk that you will often have to deal with requests for somewhere to go, someone to take, to pick something up. Of course, people will expect that you will provide a service free of charge because "it's on the way" and "still to ride around the city.