Real names Anne and Serge Golon – Simon Changé and Vsevolod Golubinov. Moreover, the real author of Angelica is one of Simon, her husband only helped her in finding historical material in the library of Versailles. When Simon Changé started working on the 10th book of the series, Vsevolod Golubinov died suddenly from a stroke. However, all the books of the series built from 1956 to 1985, was published under a double byline. Initially appearance on the cover of men's name was supposed to lead to a more serious attitude to the novel in reading circles, because at that time the works of women writers are treated somewhat biased.

First novels about Angelique

In total, the series includes 13 novels. The first book, acquainted the readers with beautiful and daring daughter of an impoverished nobleman from Poitou, was so voluminous that it had to be split into 2 books – "Angelica, Marquise of angels" and "Road to Versailles". The first part talked about the sudden outbreak of young love, Angelica and 30-year-old Joffre de Parka, for which the girl was given in marriage to save the family from poverty.

At first, Angelica's afraid of the lame, devoid of the beauty of a person, whose face is, moreover, disfigured by the blow of a saber. But soon the young wife begins to understand how the Comte de Peyrac smart, charming and beautiful soul. Marital happiness of spouses de peyrac is short – too rich and independent Joffre causes anger and fear from the king himself. As a result, he was arrested on charges of witchcraft (the fact that the Parka has managed to succeed in alchemy) and sentenced to be burned at the stake.

On the pages of the novel "the Road to Versailles left without shelter and livelihood Angelica falls to the bottom of society, becoming a member of one of Paris gangs, led by her childhood friend, Nicolas. Gradually she manages to escape from the gang, to acquire wealth, and even to return to the upper light by becoming the wife of his cousin – handsome Philip du Plessis-Beller.

Continuation of the series

After the incredible success of the first books continue followed one after the other. In the novel "Angelique and the king" proud beauty again left a widow, but suddenly learns that her husband managed to avoid a terrible death at the stake. Now the main goal of her life is the search for Joffre. Many misadventures await Angelica in the novels "Untamable Angelique" and "Angelique in revolt" until she finally meets a Parka, forced to hide under the mask of a fearless and mysterious pirate Reskator ("Angelica and her love").

The effect of the following six novels ("Angelique in the New world", "the Temptation of Angelique", "Angelique and the demon", "angélique in québec", "Road of hope", "Angelica and her victory") takes place on the North American continent, where Joffre and Angelica start a new life and, eventually, regain happiness and freedom.

Currently, the Creator of Angelique by Anne Golon is working on the final novel of the series "angélique and the Kingdom of France", and also carries out the Grand work for the publication of new, expanded and revised edition of the entire series. It is planned that the final part of the updated series will comprise 24 volumes.