Get rid of useless sources of information. Unsubscribe from the old lists, do not go on the former sites do not read the books that I read before. Stop watching movies. Don't listen to old music. All that has come before has led you to the current stop in life. To go further, we need new sources of information that will take you to another level.Read a few good books-biographies on the life of great people. Note what sources of information they used in life, what books read, what people met and talked. Think about where you are now to obtain information for moving forward. Make a plan to explore new sources of information.
Clear the way for the new. New life can start with a trivial house cleaning. Throw away junk that has accumulated in cabinets and Desk drawers. Do it quite ruthlessly. Do not cling to old things that mind to get rid of, but which you will not use.If any item you have not used the last 2 years, he probably will not need it. Take things in the porch or on a bench in the courtyard - people will understand, someone else will come in handy. But you will have a free space for new life.There are very few things that you should take in the future. The rest of the stuff only hinders your forward movement. Get rid of it as soon as possible.Make the house a permutation. Let all will be unusual - this will help you to get out of the comfort zone and move on. Will have nowhere to retreat, and thoughts begin to work in new ways.
Get new habits. Start doing something unusual, something never done before. For example, get up early and go to in the morning for a walk. Take daily any branch of the tree. Observe how it changes during the year what was happening to her. It will bring you joy and make changes in your life.You can think of a lot of such simple habits. They will not take much time but will be your secret way to success. The whole life consists of such trifles. Accumulate these creative little things in different areas of your life.
Define your goals for the next 15 years. What you want to be during this time? Ask yourself this question not too late at any age. Write a simple plan to achieve your goal and start to follow it right now. 15 years is enough time to learn anything at a very decent level.When you're watching the distant goal, all the daily efforts make sense. Once this goal will be achieved. And now you change everything just to achieve a specific goal. Don't be afraid of long periods and large numbers. A 15 years later will regret how you spent these years. A focused effort will help you to gather a bountiful harvest.