For starters, think about why you want to change your life? What are not satisfied now, and what you want from change? All these thoughts and wishes write down on a piece of paper. Then think about how all the changes will affect you and your family. It is the negative or the positive? If you think that changing your life will bring negative impact, try to find a way to minimize it. Then decide when you will start a new life. You will need to translate plans into reality?
To a more realistic approach to the solution of the problem, determine your priorities. What exactly you want to achieve in the near future, and that in a few years? Think about what obstacles may arise during the implementation of the plan and what you need to do to address them.
Try to stop being resentful of the past. Let go of all resentment. You should get rid of all "junk" that has accumulated in the shower. Try to be more optimistic. Learn to enjoy the little things. Constantly inspire yourself with the idea of the confidence that you will succeed, programming yourself for success.
If you have the financial ability, get and external changes. Make apartment repair, purchase of new furniture. Try to get rid of what will be reminded of your old life. You can also engage in their own appearance. Change the image completely. You will see a new man with a new life ofth. And it will be much easier to transform lives, seeing a completely different person.
Change your habits in everything, even in food. You used to drink in the morning coffee with cream? Replace it with green tea. Entire life enjoyed reading detective stories? Try science fiction. Every day you go to work on the same route? Change it.
Remember your not willing and bring them to life. Dreamed of big-time sports? Of course, it is unlikely that you will be a champion now, but nobody will prevent you to surrender to the passion and join the sports section.