There are several categories of cosmetics: mass market, middle market or Masstige, Lux, and professional products.

The lowest category

The cheapest is considered as decorative cosmetics, mass-market or, in other words, products of wide consumption. Means this level is not useless and harmless, what would it say followers of professional cosmetics.

This product is designed for a wide range of consumers, therefore, in the manufacture of basic safety rules are necessarily enforced. Evidenced by the certificates. After all, cosmetics of mass-market is not some "underground" tools and cosmetics, a favorite of thousands of women. If it were dangerous, it wouldn't buy willingly.

Another thing is that in addition to the externalities it does not give anything. The makeup is not too resistant, and skin care properties the products do not possess.

This category refers to brands Maybelline, Bourjois, Bourjois.

The Golden mean

Following on the popularity of the population – cosmetics middle market or as it is called, the Masstige. It is the middle class, designed for more discerning buyers with specific requests.

An advantage of Masstige is considered non-toxic, natural formula, strict adherence to standards of production, refusal of animal testing. The last fact is important, because in addition to suffering the poor animals, such experiments do not give.

Clinical tests and paid tests on volunteers allow you to get the best result and to warn potential clients about possible side effects.

This category represent the "Revlon", "Pupa", "Lancome", "Oriflame". These brands produce cosmetics, perfect ratio of price and quality.


A very popular makeup artists, and just women, not saving on appearance, cosmetics luxury. It is considered that such products will not only make the face flawless like a magazine cover, but also protect the skin from the harmful effects of the environment.

In the process of production of Foundation and mascara category Lux uses only patented formulas that are based on environmentally friendly raw materials.

Decorative cosmetics luxury: "Elizabeth Arden", "Helena Rubinstein", "Givenchy", "Estee Lauder" is not only safe ingredients, but also high-end packaging, preserving the freshness of the products.

Unfortunately, choosing the makeup of Lux category, it is necessary to pay not only for quality but also for the manufacturer's name.

Professional guarantee

There is a perception that the best makeup professional. Indeed, using funds from M•A•C, NYX, Gosh, you can create a lasting make-up, worthy of leading models and Actresses.

But, in fact, it is grim that you can't carry on the skin longer than 6-7 hours. In addition, professional makeup has skin care properties and is very expensive. So it makes sense to buy those for whom the creation of the makeup is a means of income.