Without regard to Balzac

Russian women, whose age has long surpassed Balzac (which, contrary to popular belief, 35 years old) and can even sympathize. Because when they were 18-20, about this variety and suitable for all weather clothing and footwear as it is today, had only sadly dream about. In the open market they were not in sight. Therefore, all had, in the Soviet slang, get or sew their own, singing "I blinded him from what happened."

What is available to women in our time, to wear already can not always disturb and upset the age, change shape, even certain stereotypes and complexes. As a result, some of those who are over 40, sometimes going on about the so-called public opinion. Considering that life is almost over, they start to wear completely tasteless, sometimes rushing to extremes. And either unsuccessfully imitate the young, causing confusion and even a sarcastic smirk of others, either voluntarily turn themselves into a sort of premature old women. Though someone, probably, such also like.

Street beauty

Fortunately, do not all Russians. Most women for 40 years is still developing his own style and ability to dress fashionably, elegantly and tastefully even in the unimaginable heat. Their "street version" includes the ever-popular colorful tunics of various lengths from breathable natural materials, including up to the ankles or the floor. And preferably, with wide straps that can distract attention away from problem due to the age of the seats of the neck. Well look on ceased to be a young light dresses made of linen or cotton, successfully protecting from the sun long skirts, blouses "calm" colors covering the knees light, Capri or breeches. Yes, even knit openwork blouse.

It is acceptable in the heat, linen trousers or became popular not only in the East colored knit suits with pants made according to the type of the Central Asian harem. Now the choice is wide and appropriate for the movement of molten asphalt shoes. This list is primarily to include sandals or shoes with an open toe and no "studs", Slippers and clogs.


The most difficult task facing those women who in the summer forced daily to go to work, but still adhere to office dress code. In these cases, to the rescue of the ladies, especially those who position themselves as "business-lady", come in white or just bright blouses and shirts with short sleeves made of linen and cotton with maximum freedom in the neck and waist. But not transparent. Demonstration, even the most expensive underwear for a decent women still at work — taboo! But in some not too conservative offices are permitted, for example, a top with wide straps, if possible covering the abdomen, and the same breeches.

The lower part of the office suit implies either a skirt slightly above the knee, of course, not "mini", or, again, lightweight pants. Another serious problem in the hottest time of the year is the compulsory wearing of tights or stockings. Decide women in different ways, including, and with the help of cosmetic "liquid stockings". But if the morning choice "what to wear?" fell on the pants, instead of stocking is fine or thin knee socks Nude. Main thing is not to be seen naked and not too tanned legs. Finalize summer business suit again shoes low heel, but in any case not sandals. By the way, some women, fleeing from street heat, apply a simple trick: twice a day — before work and after it — to change.

Straw hat

However, shorts, leggings, sarongs, shirts, sundresses, strapless and other youth closet for forty years ladies are also acceptable. But, of course, in strictly certain places and on the condition that to wear all this allows them to figure. Elegant enough can look, especially in combination with the beautiful swimsuit, bright pareos and sunglasses, straw and other summer hats. And the most suitable places for them are the resorts with their beaches, excursions and bars, motels, cottages and other areas where you can temporarily forget about the dress code. Yes, even long-distance trains, especially without a good air conditioning system. It is in the vacation it is easiest to follow the above advice of Coco Chanel. And, while dressing, to be able to maximize strip so that it didn't look dirty.