Reason for handwriting examination and preparation for examination

The basis for the examination of handwriting is the official document – the decision of the judicial organ or decision of the investigator, leading the corresponding production. To the expert institution provide the materials, evidence and the texts of the manuscripts that become a subject of research.

Depending on the characteristics of the instant case, the experts may also be requested handwriting samples of those persons who are considered alleged perpetrators of the document, which should be studied. An important addition are also data on the characteristics of the identity of the executor of the document and anticipated conditions in which it was carried out the manuscript.

In the first stage, the expert examines the accompanying documents, decides there is a legitimate reason to conduct the study. If the required documents are not presented in full, the expert is about the act and makes a request to the investigative or judicial authorities. To obtain a complete set of materials the expert has no right to proceed with the study.

Conducting handwriting examination

Getting to work, the examiner thoroughly comprehends the issues that are put before the expertise. This is necessary in order to determine the borders of a future study and its ultimate goal. Expert handwriting can not alone answer questions that are beyond the scope of his professional competence. For example, when studying the composition of paper or the colorant can be assigned to a complex examination with the participation of chemists or experts in the field of printing.

Conducting research of handwriting handwriting is working on the identification of handwriting, diagnosis, characteristics of the performer and the restoration of the situation which was created by the text. Usually the expert has to answer the question about who of the subject to the test persons was written, was this the man in the heat of passion or of intoxication, was healthy, and so on.

The Foundation examination is a detailed inspection and a phased investigation of the disputed document, and comparing it with the handwriting samples. The Arsenal of methods is wide enough, reliable and in most cases allows a high degree of confidence to answer the questions of the court or investigation. The results of the study, the expert sets out in a reasoned opinion, which is sent to the initiator of handwriting examination.