You will need
  • - preparations for pest control.
A Saintpaulia, or violet, can hit ciclamini, or strawberry mite. Notice you can appearance violet. The center outlet will appear smaller, curved and deformed leaves, leaf base covered with small white bloom, the stalks are shortened. If not promptly to treat the plant, the growing point will die, and gloxinia will die. For the treatment of use drugs under the trade names: "Vertimek", "INTA-VIR", "Neuron", "Fitoverm". Spray the outer and inner side of the plant from the dispenser.
If the disease is caused by red spider mites, you will notice a small red or brown dots, which are always surrounded by a web. The leaves of violets are deformed and completely dry. Processing spend using these drugs, or "Gravitino".
Disease of violetscaused by root-knot nematode, completely distorts plant growth slows down, the leaves are small, when viewed from the clod of soil in the pot found small beads of the pest, the advantage is parasitic on the roots. For the treatment of Saintpaulia completely dig the plant, rinse the roots with water, destroy the old earth, wash the pot, transplant violet disinfected in the new soil.
The most terrible disease of violets is due to destruction of plants foliar nematodes. The leaves appear bright green spots in the form of peas, growing point rots, the plant turns brown. Methods of treatment does not exist. You have to burn the Saintpaulia along with the pot and ground.
Hit the violet aphid, suck the juices from plants, leading to drying and death. To fight use "INTA-VIR", "Aggravatin", "Fitoverm", "Spark", a strong infusion of wood ash or tobacco.
Small winged insects, or thrips that hatch from the eggs, the adults jump and can hit all standing next to the flowers. If you have discovered little white thrips, immediately treat all plants "Fitofarm" or "Agroterminal".
With the defeat of the mealybug violet withers and dies. Inspect the plant, you'll find small lumps in the form of fluff, which mostly hit the root and base. Guide treatment one of these drugs.
Also violet can hit clarity, poduri, quadraspidiotus perniciosus. To combat them, use "Agrojardin", "INTA-VIR",
For the treatment of violet from powdery mildew, Botrytis, use "Fundazol" or buy at the pharmacy sulfur powder and densely opalite plant.
To prevent periodically inspect violets, pollinate wood ashes, promptly remove dead leaves, not preobladaet plant. Watering should be sufficient, but moderate. Keep new collection bought violets were not infected by pests and diseases. To prevent injury to all violets new plants wait in a separate room for at least 1 month.