The singer's childhood

Tree was born in the Ukrainian city of Uzhgorod on 2 July 1982. It so happened that the whole family of the girl music. Grandparents sang in "Transcarpathian folk choir, father was a collector of jazz music, and mom plays three musical instruments. Such an atmosphere in the family could not leave their mark on the choice of the future profession of a small Tree. Her singing career she began in the school choir, then continued in a vocal circle in the Palace of pioneers. Also since school years I participated in KVN, which was mainly singing. To surprise and amaze the audience – was a favourite pastime of the future stars. In the course went all – and the appearance and manner of singing. Supported family Tree. Looking at its success, saying that Lisa is sure to become a pop star.


After school, the Tree had entered the school of music. However, after six months of study left him. As the singer admits, if she hadn't gone herself, she was expelled. However, the lack of a complete musical education did not prevent the girl to get on the big stage. In the 90 years she was a backing vocalist known at that time in Uzhgorod group "B&B".

In 2001, the musical group performed at the international festival Rap Music in Moscow, where the singer drew the attention of producer Vlad Valov. He offered to help the band with the recording of the album. However, this did not happen. "B&B" collapsed, and the Tree itself at that time decided not to continue her singing career. She got a job as a waitress in his hometown. I would have continued to accept and deliver orders in a café, if not for the persistence Vlad shafts. He called to the girl, offered to cooperate and invited to Moscow.

In 2004, the Tree has performed at a concert dedicated to the memory of Micaiah. She sang his song "Bitch-love". Soon the radio sounded the song of the singer "City of deception". It became a hit, was at the top many of the charts and brought the Christmas Tree's popularity and love of fans. The artist then admitted that "the City of deceit" is her favorite song, as it is written about her.

With each new song, the popularity of the Christmas Tree became more and more. The song "Good mood", "the great world", "Girl-student", "Boy twink", "Provence" and now hearing from fans of the artist and not only. Musical work of the Tree nominated and receive awards at prestigious competitions and awards, such as MTVRMA, "Golden gramophone", "Muz-TV", RU.TV, Glamour Awards, etc.

In addition, the actress voiced the main character of the cartoon "the True story of little red riding hood". And since 2010, co-produced talent show "X-factor" in Ukraine.