Onion skin can treat bronchitis

Bronchitis make compresses on the basis of a decoction of onion peel. Broth prepares so: a glass of onion peel pour boiling water, insist 15 minutes, filtered and squeezed through cheesecloth. Compress on the chest is done three times a day for half an hour.

A decoction of the husk can treat bronchitis, not only externally, but also taking him inside. It is a little different: a liter of cold water poured husks fifteen bulbs, brought to a boil over medium heat and evaporates by half. The mixture is completely cooled and filtered. Decoction is taken five times a day for two tablespoons.

Onion peel against skin diseases

Crushed husks will help in the fight against dermatitis and warts, fungus and small wounds. Husk mixed with cream or vaseline in the ratio of 2:3 and applied to the affected skin twice a day. The ointment is best kept in the fridge.

Onion peel will help get rid of edema and varicose veins

To get rid of pain in the legs or varicose veins, you need to RUB into the sore spots extract of the husk. It is prepared thus: 2 tablespoons of peel and the same amount of chamomile, pour two cups of water. All this is boiled for 15 minutes. Infuse the mixture for 5 hours and then evaporated by half.

Another way to relieve fatigue and leg pain: a handful of finely crushed husk, add 2 tablespoons grape seed oil, in its absence, you can use olive oil. Oil, to insist 12 days and then twice or three times a week to do this oil massage on the feet.

Broth of a peel will help to cope with allergies

A decoction of the peel will help to remove toxins from the body and help with allergic reactions. Husks poured boiling water and heated for 15 minutes in a water bath, then cooled and filtered. Should eat 2 - 3 tablespoons several times a day.

An infusion of onion peel heals the hair

This is an old way to speed up hair growth and give them beauty and splendor. for the infusion of desired non-metallic utensils. The husk is filled with water at room temperature in the ratio of 1 to 2 and infuse for 12 hours. Within a month, but can be more, this infusion should rinse your hair after each wash. It does not need to be afraid that the hair will exude an unpleasant odor - it is simply the infusion has not.

The husk is a good food coloring

Dyeing Easter eggs is not the only application of this is not only harmless, but useful dye. Some Housewives strained broth tint the broth. The dish will acquire a beautiful color, if in it to throw unpeeled onion.

Onion peel - a fine fertilizer

Infused day onion peel will not only serve as a good fertilizer for houseplants, but will help to get rid of their pests. Infusion should spray the leaves, and one day later you can wash them with water.

Gardeners sprayed infusion of the husks begin to turn yellow cucumbers and tomatoes and carrots love watering this infusion.