If you want to cancel the privatization belonging to you property, you can do it simply. After all, on your side, paragraph 2 of article 209 of the civil code, article 9.1 of the Law "On privatization of housing Fund in the Russian Federation" and article 20 of the Federal law from 29.12.2004 "About introduction in action of the Housing code of the Russian Federation". They clearly spelled out that owners of residential premises may dispose of them at own discretion (of course, if it does not contradict the legislation of Russia). Therefore, to cancel the already successful privatisation of the object, only need to write an application to the local authorities. It is necessary to specify that you want to rasprivatizirovana your property.
To cancel the privatization is possible and if this procedure was carried out illegally. In case when the apartment was a few people, including minor children, arrange the room in the property need equally for all people. In the case when to privatize the apartment in these situations, I for one owner, it is necessary to obtain a waiver of its share from everyone else was living. Very often this point is neglected and the consent or forge or extracted by unfair means. If such facts are proven, then they can easily become grounds for cancellation of the privatization of the residential premises.
In some cases can be not full, but partial racesprivatization of the dwelling. This is done usually in cases where the proportion of the object was distributed among the participants incorrectly (i.e. not in equal parts). In this case, the cancellation of the privatization will be conducted through the court with subsequent re-privatisation, but perfect according to the rules.