The rabies virus is in the saliva of a sick animal in a large amount, the blood, feces and urine are non-contagious. Human infection often occurs from the following animals: dogs, cats, foxes, wolves, jackals, raccoons, foxes, bats. Human infection with rabies is possible by the bite of an infected animal or contact with its saliva on broken skin (wounds, scratches, abrasions).
In very rare cases, infection occurs by inhalation of air or dust containing the virus. Known cases of rabies workers, processing skins of foxes patients. The contamination in case of contact of intact skin with urine, faeces, blood of infected animals and also by eating their meat. People infected with rabies, can not be transferred to another person. Virus diseases die outside of the body of man or beast. On it are harmful sun rays, disinfectants.
The bite or contact with saliva of a sick animal, you must contact your physician for vaccination. Rabies develops in only 1 of 6 bitten even in the absence of any treatment. In the case of infection the incubation period lasts from 3 weeks to 3 months, sometimes it can continue for several years. At the stage Podnimalas phase is observed vomiting, fever, headache, pain at the bite location. With the defeat of the autonomic nervous system appears lacrimation and salivation.
In the second stage of development appear spasms of the throat, breathing difficulties, there is hyperactivity, increased anxiety, involuntary movement, confusion and delirium, may develop paralysis. As a result of the paralysis stop breathing and heartbeat. The mortality rate in this disease is almost 100%. Most often people die in 7-14 days after the onset of symptoms. An effective method of treatment of rabies does not exist. Described few cases of recovery therapy "Ribavirin" and "Amantadine".
Virus infection can be avoided if after the bite of an infected animal were timed preventive treatment. For the prevention of rabies, the people that come in contact with wild or stray Pets must be vaccinated against rabies. This vaccine required veterinarians, dog breeders, Rangers. The vaccine makes several times according to the scheme: first vaccination, then 7 days. - second and 30 days - third. After a year needs the vaccine. After that, booster shots are doing 1 every 3 years.