Remove the plugs by removing the toilet

Such an option is suitable only if the toilet is attached to the floor with bolts. If the plumbing device is filled with cement (common in older homes), then disassemble it without damage will not work. In this case, you have to try to use other methods to remove the plugs or buy a new toilet.

First turn off the water and then remove the toilet. Next, disassemble the socket until the first connection, which is access to a communal standpipe, there is a cover which sometimes even can be seen. The plug is not solid – it usually has the form of a mesh or tube with a small hole. Don't let the mistake of trying to push her into the riser! It can cause a blockage, then the sewer will not be able to use not only you, but the neighbors are stub you need to get to the apartment. First try to remove it with pliers. If you can't, you can use a fishing harpoon or other such instrument. When coloring the plugs (it can be metal or plastic) pull it out in pieces.

Remove the plugs through the audit and with the help of chemistry

To get to the bell without removing the toilet through the window of the audit, if any. Prepare in advance a thin, long stick, at the end of which is fixed a metal hook. You can also use the same harpoon tied to it with rope. Before beginning work, wear suitable work clothing, gloves – no one can guarantee that the sewer at the time of deletion stubs will not be available to other tenants.

Open inspection porthole, and a hook or harpoon with a rope, try to catch, then pull the plug. Disadvantage of this method is that you will need to act blindly, hoping only for the sound, resulting on contact of the hook stub. Another drawback is the use of sewer tenants, which at the crucial moment can be missed almost removed the cover and cover her entire riser. So it makes sense to perform the work at night.

Chemical method is the use of products containing hydrochloric, oxalic acid (e.g. cleaning the sewers). This method will be effective in that case, if the lattice-plug of metal, plus it will take at least a week's time. It is worth remembering that the management company, upon learning of the removal of the plugs may hold a second event to disable the sewers.