You will need
  • - new toilet
  • - adjustable wrench
  • - brush for cleaning toilet bowls or plunger
  • - rags or an old towel
If you buy the toilet other form than the previous one, chances are that you will not match the holes for supply and drain water. So try to purchase either identical or very similar model.
First, shut off the tube on which the toilethave water. This faucet is usually located near the toilet tank, simply turn it clockwise until it stops. Clicking on the button of the toilet tank, drain all the existing water.
Using a toilet brush or plunger movements squeeze out of the toiletand standing in this water in the drain pipe. To completely remove it you are unlikely to succeed, but try to make it to the maximum.
Remove from the bowland the lid put it aside.
The toilet is attached to the floor by two bolts that can be hidden under protective caps. Remove the caps, using a wrench to loosen the bolts.
The pipe which the toilethave supplied water can be easily removed by hand. Be prepared for the fact that this shed a certain amount of water, so on the floor lay a cloth or old towel. Disconnect the drain pipe. Remove the old toilet. Install in its place a new one.
Insert the drain pipe into the hole, press it as tightly as possible. By using bolts to fasten the toilet to the floor just as old, then you can connect a pipe through which water is supplied. Strictly observe the sequence of actions.
Check out the new toilet seat for stability. If he stands firmly and does not wobble, unable to fasten on him the lid and open the tap near the toilet tank. The toilet is installed.