Depending on the shape there are several types of warts. Tiny grayish-pink nipples on a thin stalk is genital warts. They can appear in single copies and small groups. But fast multiplying, these growths often merge and form huge warts, resembling a cauliflower.
The basis of this "cabbage" is dotted with a variety of grooves, from which comes the stench. Genital warts dangerous because it can grow deep into tissue and regenerate into squamous cell carcinoma.
In women, warts occur most often in the field of external and internal genital organs that are injured by sexual contact, even slightly. Often they merge into a single entity, like crest.
It is important to establish that this is pointed and not broad or flat condyloma. Flat kind of the tumor is localized in the mucous membrane of the urethra, but more often on the cervix and cause her cancer. Widespread warts like a mushroom with a thick stalk, most often – the manifestation of the second stage of syphilis or gonorrhea.
In men warts – this is usually a small pale pink growths on the penis. On the face or body they are dark brown, gray or flesh-colored. They are very easily injured which can not be tolerated. Injured tumors cause pain, begin to itch, bleed.
The main route of infection of this disease is sexual acts in any form. Moreover, the partner may not be a warts – easy to get infected from the infected person. Through everyday contact also infection occurs, even in the ordinary handshake if the skin of the hands has at least cracks.
Genital warts can appear two weeks after infection, and in a few years. This largely depends on the immune system. If there are many tumors, it is necessary to check the immune status of the person.
Warts dramatically reduce the quality of life, causing severe psychological stress, depression. In men, they create problems of a sexual nature. Women complicate childbirth, threatening the development of cancer. But fortunately, today there are many almost painless methods of removing warts. You only need one thing: an urgent appeal to the dermatologist.