Care for peonies after flowering is very important because proper care, starting from mid-summer on blossom for next season.

The first thing you must remove all the blossoms that have withered and dried up. Clean the soil around the peonies, collect all the flowers and petals, or they can trigger various diseases in flower.


If the weather in the second half of the summer has dry, you need to monitor the soil to keep it moist in order for the following season, flowering was good. The lack of moisture will trigger the formation of weak Bud and flowering for the next season to be sluggish or absent at all. Watering should be once every 7-10 days, starting from the second half of July to early September.


The peony Bush can feed after planting, during flowering. This is especially important to do after the plants have blossomed. Suitable for both mineral fertilizers and organic. But be aware that overfeed the plant is not worth it. In June-July should feed the solution of mullein. Fertilizer should be under a Bush at a distance of 10-15 cm

In August you should feed complex fertilizers, in which you will potassium and phosphorus. They also need to make under a Bush in a dry form, abundantly watered and covered with earth.

In July and August additionally be fed trace minerals. For this you can take any pill with trace elements, diluted in water according to the instructions and add some washing powder - this is to ensure that the solution is stuck to the leaves of the plant. And thoroughly spray the Bush from all sides.

Mulching and loosening the soil

After the rain or be produced by feeding, it is necessary the soil around the Bush paraglide, and remove weeds.

Can the soil around the Bush to mulch, only in this case it is not advisable to use peat, because peonies do not grow well in peat soil.

Disease prevention

After the peonies bloomed, the bushes, for the purpose of prevention, it is necessary to spray any of the preparations of copper, so the plant is not subjected to fungal diseases.