Propagated potted pepper seeds, which need to pre-soak for germination. To sow them you can not only spring, but a winter in the fall. Before planting pepper, prepare fertile soil with added humus and compost. It is also desirable to add part of sifted river sand, top loose peat and leaf soil. Sow the seeds together, then sprinkle them with a small amount of soil mix. Already on the fifteenth day of the first shoots appear, presidnete the tops of the shoots, so the plant does not stretch much. As for the picks, it is carried out usually a month after planting seeds.
When the seedlings reach two inches tall, transplant it into individual pots, otherwise the plants will be weak, will not be able to bear fruit. Continue to transplant the peppers need the soil method of handling to avoid damage to the root system of plants. The optimum temperature for growing home pepper – 15-21оС, the plant needs lots of light.
During the period of growth abundantly watered ornamental pepper. If the apartment is quite hot, then you can do it daily. Try to avoid drying out of the soil, especially if the pot is in a Sunny spot. Once a week during the growing season fertilize pepper homemade liquid fertilizers. The appearance of the fruit feeding stop. It is advisable to periodically spray the plant settled water spray from a distance of fifteen centimeters.
Homemade pepper prefers to grow in a bright location with ventilation. In summer the pot can be put in the garden or on the balcony (protected from direct sunlight place). Pepper flowering usually begins in may, during the summer season on the Bush to open new flowers. So in the summer it is possible to observe simultaneously the fruits of different colour and maturity, with flowers that only enhances the decorative effect of the pepper.
Potted peppers require minimal care, in the summer he needs fertilizing and abundant watering. In autumn the pot with the plant are entered into the room where the late fruit ripen on a Sunny windowsill. When fruiting is over, cut the plant by a third, thus, reduce watering but do not allow drying of the soil. In the spring again, place the pots closer to the light and hard feed, then homemade pepper will again begin to bloom and bear fruit. If you create favorable conditions for its development and growth, the pepper will delight you with their blooming during the whole year.