Cake "Drunk cherry in chocolate"

To prepare the cake for this recipe you will need:
- 16 eggs;
- 500 g of sugar;
- 500 g of flour.

For the cream:
- 80 g cocoa;
- 600 g butter;
- 6 tbsp milk;
- 600 g of sugar;
- 4 eggs;
- 600 g cherries;
- 100 ml of cognac.

2-3 days before making cake canned cherries (pitted) pour brandy or vodka and place in the refrigerator to infuse.

Separate the whites from the yolks. Proteins cool and whisk in a solid foam, add the sugar and continue whisking until it dissolves. Then, gently, stirring with a spoon from top to bottom, add sieved the flour through a sieve. Mix everything well until smooth and of prepared biscuit dough bake the cake in a preheated oven medium heat (180 ° C). Ready cake cool in the form.

To prepare the cream: mix cocoa powder with sugar, pour the milk and bring to a boil over medium heat. Egg whisk and not stopping, pour a thin stream of hot coffee syrup. Cool. Whisk the butter with the cooled syrup.

Slice baked biscuit in half and remove with a fork in each half of the crumb, leaving only the "boxes". Lubricate them with a small amount of cream. Crumb mix with pressed cherries and cream. Fill the resulting mass of the "boxes". Fold them one upon the other, slicing each other. Decorate the cake according to your wishes. You can just pour the melted chocolate. Put the finished cake for a few hours in the fridge.

Cake "Prague"

To make the cake "Prague", it is necessary to take:
- 2 eggs;
- 1 Cup of sugar;
- 1 Cup sour cream;
- ½ Cans of condensed cocoa;
- ½ Tsp of baking soda;
- 2 cups of flour.

For the cream:
- ½ Cans of condensed cocoa;
- 150 g of butter.

RUB well the sugar with the eggs. Then add the sour cream, condensed cocoa, soda, and all of them very carefully mix before reception of homogeneous mass. Then stir in the flour and prepare the dough.

Grease a refractory form with margarine, put in her dough (it should be the consistency of a thick sour cream) and put in the oven on the fire a little more than average, about 200oC, to be baked. The finished cake let cool, then cut into 2-3 thinner.

To prepare the cream: whisk the softened butter, adding a tablespoon of condensed cocoa. Cake "Prague" will be much more delicious when the cream is a lot of cocoa. In this case, it acquires a pronounced chocolate flavor. To get this effect, put in a half can of condensed milk used for cream, 1-2 tablespoons (from top) cocoa powder.

Ready cream sandwich cakes, lay them on top of each other, over the surface and sides of cake. Decorate "Prague" can grated chocolate and crushed nuts.