Cheat sheet for the state exam

Any exam can be taken by using crib. Including state. The difficulty is that on the teacher's exam, as a rule, there is a selection Committee of 4-6 people. Students are seated in a staggered manner, to observe the process of reproducing information from memory on a piece of paper. The level of control in this situation significantly increases. So the standard procedure of cheating from the mobile phone often does not work.

First, even if the main emphasis will be placed on the crib, the basic concepts should still how to learn. All the teacher's exam teachers from admissions asking questions along the way. Secondly, it is necessary to do more than one cheat sheet. So further increases the chances of cheating. The thing is that when the teacher sees the student spur, no doubt it wins. After that his attention to this student slightly dulled. Thinks to write more nowhere. This case must be stashed another copy of a selected crib.

The two most effective types of Cribs

One of the most effective types of spurs – "the bomb". Its essence is as follows. On each sheet of paper pre-written answers to exam questions. Each sheet you should mark the corresponding question number. Usually the exam do not run in street clothes and with a bag. So the "bomb" should be hidden under the shirt. To cook like the spurs best on soft copybook sheets. They are less likely to rustle.

The advantage of these Cribs is easy to use. After he was pulled out the ticket, it is only necessary to get the leaves with the appropriate answers and pretend like the whole thing is recorded. Process taking is a minus. Large size exercise book make it difficult to do so quietly. But only difficult, not make it impossible.

The second is the most suitable for this event method of cheating – use the micro. Especially this method is very suitable for female with long hair. They can easily cover up the gadget from the eyes of teachers.

In this Scam involved two characters. The first passes the exam, the second is dictated by phone to answer questions. Earpiece paired with the phone via Bluetooth and is inserted into the ear. Before entering the audience needs to call his assistant and staying on lane, and safely hide the phone. After I had taken the ticket, the procedure starts cheating. Assistant dictates the questions, making between them a small break. After getting on need, graduate like sneezes, giving a colleague to understand that the issue found. He begins calmly and clearly to read the answer.