A replacement clutch is best done on a lift, but if there is none, you can do a flyover or a viewing hole. If you use the latter, for convenience, the front of the car you need to hang on stands. Remove front wheels, disconnect the "minus" of the battery and the car can be considered prepared.

Removing the clutch-VAZ 21099

Armed with a key on "17" and Unscrew from the bracket located on the transmission, clutch cable and hands Unscrew the speedometer cable. Disconnect the ground from the transmission. Next, Unscrew nuts of fastening of stretch marks to the levers and move the stretch to the side. Now we need to remove the thumb from the bending lever: this will pull out the cotter pin, remove the nut. Unscrew a few bolts, disconnect the joint and the steering knuckle.

Take a tire lever and squeeze the tip of the CV joint (inner), plug the resulting hole in the CAT to spilled oil. You can now go to the clutch housing, which will require to remove the protection, mounted on the three bolts. Install the stand under the engine box that they could post (use the winch, if there is one) and loosen the nuts of fastening of the power unit. Next remove the 3 bolts, 1 nut, through which is mounted a box and pull it out horizontally - it should be done carefully so as not to damage the petals clutch, so it's best to invite assistant.

Immediately check the operation releaser: if when turning you hear a rattle or loose part in the clip, the part must be replaced. Now you will need a mandrel that simulates the transaxle input shaft (you can use the old shaft). Insert it so that the clutch disc fell out when removing the basket. Tighten with a flat head screwdriver powerful drive plate, so it does not rotate, and loosen the bolts of its fastening.

Inspection of the clutch and its installation

Pulling the clutch Assembly, inspect the clutch disc surfaces must not be chipping, scratches, traces of oil. The disk needs to be replaced if the rivets are recessed less than 0.2 mm, which show wear on the lining. May not be broken or loose damper springs. Next, inspect the pressure plate, which should be no cracks, scratches, scoring, and output. In a good disc petals are well fixed and arranged in the same plane.

Reassemble in reverse order. When you install disks, use the mandrel that they are arranged exactly in the center. Clutch to flywheel bolts prikruchivayte alternately, increasing the stress. Then pull out the locking pin and grease the shaft splines of the box insert which is better with the assistant.