Attractive than Sochi

Summer for Russians is a special time − a time of vacations and rest. For nearly a year the average Russian puts "money", indulging in something right, favorite for that happy day when you can plunge into the carefree life. As soon as the sun warms, immediately Packed Luggage, and the crowds of tourists flock to the Black sea resort city of Sochi.

Stay on the domestic black sea coast will cost much cheaper than abroad. To the guests of the hotel with rooms of different price categories: from budget to suites. Along the waterfront stretch cozy resorts and sanatoriums, recreation zones, different comfort. In the black sea area to spend a vacation for 500 rubles per day.

During the preparations for the XXII Winter Olympics in Sochi landscaping has been spent billions of rubles. Currently, the city-resort opens before the tourists have many choices and opportunities for recreation.

The unique nature of the high ranges of the Caucasus, closing the road to the cold winds from the North-East, the Black sea, with water like fresh milk, a special sub-tropical climate - involve Russians and tourists from abroad. A stay here promises a lot of interesting, wonderful everyone, who will come here.

Best domestic beaches of the black sea coast

Treatment, sightseeing tours, beach holidays, entertainment – here you can find a lot of exciting. And the beaches... the city is the abundance of beautiful beaches. Want to enjoy the beauty, relaxed and peaceful holiday you have beach village, 73 km. Fine-pebble beach with gentle slope stretches for 1.5 kilometers along the sea adjacent to the Caucasus mountains.

For lovers of active holidays, in the district Mamayka, there is a great recreation area "Swallow" with lots of points of hire of beach and sports equipment. Just behind the beach, a forest, which flows into mountains.

On the beach of the sanatorium "October" good service, few of the overseas resorts can boast of. The coastline consists of very small pebbles with sandy islets. The descent to the water is flat, some with wooden flooring. This is a great and inexpensive vacation with kids.

The promenade is surrounded by greenery, exotic flowers, bubble jet fountain freshen the air. For children there is slide. The area is fenced and guarded, built playgrounds. The sanatorium invites families with children.