Pesticide treatment. This is a mandatory component of the system of protection of the vineyard. The first processing spend with the emergence of the first leaves. For this purpose use a great product called "chorus". It is a fungicide with systemic action. Used against scab and brown rot of stone fruit crops. "Horus" provides highly effective protection of the leaves. The drug acts even at low temperatures and is not washed off by rain. This substance enhances the effectiveness of subsequent fungicides in the planned program of treatments. The concentration of the grape: 5 grams per one hundred square meters. This ratio use to the first preventive treatment of young shoots. You can then use concentration of 10 g per one hundred square meters.
Treatment against ticks. With the emergence of young leaves they can start to hit a tick. To prevent use the drug "Summit". It is a contact acaricide, fighting the pest at any stage of development: egg, larva, nymph and adult tick. Besides, "Sunmit" it is effective against different species of mites. Starts to act very quickly: within 15 minutes after treatment. The drug is effective for 5-6 weeks, variation in temperature is not affected. When applied to shoots to spray evenly. Do not use "Summit" more than once a year. The solution prepare as follows: dilute 5 g of product in a small amount of water and then bring volume to 5 L. the Drug can be combined with pesticides and even growth regulators, however, they should not have an alkaline reaction.
Apply insecticides before flowering. A few days before flowering vine treat him with such medicines as "Ridomil gold", "Topaz" and "Decis". "Ridomil gold" protects the vines from complex diseases: late blight, downy mildew, and mildew. It provides long-term protection, including untreated parts of the plant. "Topaz belongs to the group of systemic fungicides. It is essential in the prevention of mildew. The "Topaz" long and the flow rate low. "Decis", is the insecticide. One gram of the product is sufficient for cultivation in 10 l of water.
To increase the set of fruit before flowering, during flowering and after treat the grapes with the drug with the boron content. The total number of treatments - 2-3 times. For example, take the suspension "Wuxal Kombi B". The drug is resistant to evaporation and good adhesion. Use it according to instructions. For the formation of the ovary also use the bio-stimulator "Maxicrop Ovary".
Next, brush on the berries of the size of peas. Use special drug from mildew - "Duo melody", from the oidium — "Falcon". Insecticide "Mospilan" will protect the crops from Lepidoptera, Coleoptera and revnotrialc. Pests are killed by interaction with the drug, as well as from eating the treated leaves. For sheet feed and improve fruiting, use "Plentiful". The tool promotes the development of plants and in adverse weather conditions. After harvest in September spend the last treatment. It should include such drugs as "Folan", "Ridomil", "Topaz" and "Plentiful". This schedule of treatments will not lose the harvest and protect the vineyard from pests and diseases.