Tannins or tannins

Constipation cause usually those fruits and berries, which include tannins or tannins. Tannins – nitrogen-free compounds of polyphenols and phenol carbonic acids. They are found in the bark of trees, herbs, shrubs and fruits of some plants. A distinctive feature that allows to recognize the fruit that contains tannins, is astringent feeling in the mouth when chewed.

Tannins can have a therapeutic effect on the body. Binding with proteins of the mucous membrane, the tannins form a protective film through which can not penetrate the liquid. Therefore, their use in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases – gastritis and ulcers, inflammation, poisoning by salts of heavy metals and alkaloids, with bleeding.
Have useful properties of tannins, there is a downside. Formed tannins-protein shell does not normally carry out the digestive process and slows peristalsis. The mass of half-digested food will long stay in the body, become more solid and dry. Which, naturally, leads to constipation.

Fruits containing tannins

Plants containing tannins are: quince, cornelian cherry, blackthorn, wild cherry, persimmon, mango, pomegranate, unripe bananas, pears, some grapes, blueberry, black currant, chokeberry.

Even a single dose of large amounts of fruits with high tannin content can lead to constipation. Most frequently cause this disease blueberry, chokeberry, quince, sour dogwood, blackthorn, bird cherry and compotes from these fruits and berries.
Ripe persimmons and bananas contain a small amount of tannin and immature – absolutely tasteless for use in food, especially the persimmon.

But the tannic quality of these products are harmful in large quantities during normal digestion are a great help with indigestion and diarrhea. It is best to make strong decoctions of quince, pomegranate peel, dried cherry, blueberry, Aronia and water them sick.

If constipation is one of your constant problems, pay attention to your diet and lifestyle. Usually this disease affects people with sedentary, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet (overeating, frequent snacking on muffins, fast food, love meat and flour).

So move more, eat right (eat vegetables and fruits that contain fiber – apples, peaches, apricots, carrots, cabbage). Observe the water balance - drink at least 1.5-2 liters of plain water a day. Remember that drinking tea and coffee also contribute to constipation.