Among the major pests for roses - aphids, spider mites, and multiple tracks. They damage the leaves and shoots significantly slow the growth of the Bush and its bloom. As the larvae of these insects often overwinter in the soil, as prevention is primarily in the spring, you must dig over all the soil. Thus, the majority of larvae will be on the surface and simply will not survive due to spring frosts.
But if the larvae survived the cold spring and began to hit the sheets, you need to start processing the bushes. The best option is spraying, it can be done with a special garden spray. In specialized shops you can buy formulations containing uktelecom and Malathion, which are used to kill pests. These drugs can destroy the larvae of aphids, weevils, mites and many other insects. Usually the manufacturer recommends twice to treat rose bushes for the complete destruction of pests.
If you do not want to use chemicals, then come to the aid of traditional methods of processing roses from pests. Excellent for this purpose, suitable broth of onions, garlic and tobacco. You need to spray all the leaves not only from above but also from the inside. A great advantage of such concoctions is that pests are not able to get used to them and develop resistance, as may occur when using chemicals.
In addition to pests beautiful rose bushes are able to be exposed to diseases. The most common are powdery mildew, rust and black spot. In such a situation will help with 3% solution of copper sulfate, copper-soap emulsion 2-2,5 %. Of natural products well destroying diseases such handling of roses with a decoction of horsetail, nettle, wormwood. These herbs are very common in most Russian regions. Also spraying is repeated two times.
It is worth remembering that the processing of roses should take place only in calm weather, sunlight should not be intense, otherwise it may cause burns in leaves. An excellent time to combat diseases and pests of roses is the morning, immediately after drying of dew, and evening, when the dew does not fall. All this will help to make treatment not only effective, but safe, and the rose bushes will delight lush color and beauty.